Winter has come! In the midwest, it’s a bit cold. There’s snow on the ground, and the upper layers of earth are freezing solid. No outdoor gardening, really, for now.

So, we move inside! I spent a bit of time yesterday organizing the seed stores, starting a plan for the spring garden. There are a few seeds that didn’t quite make it out for a fall planting (the cold-hardy types that want to spend winter in the cold and snow). Hopefully this was remedied: small seedling trays were filled with seed starter, seeds were planted and watered, and they were moved outside to the small porch greenhouse to spend the rest of winter. We will see how everyone is doing come spring!

Cold-hardy seedlings planted yesterday:

  • Pulsatilla, from
  • Bugbane, found on Etsy
  • Sweet violet, from
  • Goldenseal live roots – transferred outside in a pot
  • Pacific bleeding heart (Strictly Medicinal Seeds)- well, hardiness level is unsure, or need for “cold stratification”, so it’s just in a cooler part of the garage, along with…
  • Osha – Palm Beach Seed Company

Also, what I would call a “seed test” – since I couldn’t find fresh seeds during my recent seed shopping experience, I took some Sweet Mace (also called “Mexican marigold”) seeds from 2013 or so and planted them, too. They’ve not sprouted well in prior attempts, so this is basically a test of whether I will be able to have better success or toss the packet and go find more. It sounds like a tasty seasoning, so we will have to wait and see!

Still waiting on the carrots to sprout, and then we can start discussing “Sprout Care”. 

-Dr. Stef

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