Yesterday was unusually warm for Michigan, reaching around 50 degrees! It was good timing, though, for a day off. Outdoor garden cleanup is important, and makes things much easier when spring arrives.

Leaves have been shredded into mulch, and spread around garden beds, pathways and muddy spots. Buckets have been emptied, and rain barrels, too. Watering cans have been retrieved. A few plants are still happily not going dormant (cranberry, we’re talking about you!), but most have settled into their roots to wait for the sprouting time of spring.

Bugs have gone away. Cardinals have arrived to spend the winter eating leftover berries and seeds. Soon the snow will be flying, and blustery cold winds are coming. 

Look for the beauty of Creation in the winter: the tall, stately forms of trees; the sparkle of the snow; the 6-branched form of a snowflake; the pattern of a frosty window; the bright color of the winter birds visiting.

Soon enough, spring will come, in perfect timing.

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