Calling all gardeners, young and old!

Junior Gardener welcomes all aspiring gardeners. While many websites and gardening magazines exist for the adults, we are here to offer information for the junior gardeners, too.

We are here to help. We are here to teach. We want to give you growing tips, gardening ideas, and help you find out more about plants, insects, garden tools, and even how to use your growing garden in crafts and recipes. 

Have your own garden photos, drawings, gardening jokes or other items to share? Have a specific plant or topic you want to learn more about? Please let us know!

Genesis 1:11-12

And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, on the earth.” And it was so. The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.”


Every page has something fun and new to learn. Click the link above to begin exploring all the topics we have to offer. Don’t forget to check back for more soon!


Look around. Can you find the answers to any of these questions?


  • What is a “squash”?
  • What is the inside of an aloe plant’s leaf like?
  • How do honeybees survive cold winters?
  • How can I get my own garden started early?

What’s New?


Science of Gardening

Winter HardY

Weather and Climate

Mushroom Soup

New Recipe!

Moss Garden

New to Craft Corner

Plant Picks

Snake Plants

Fanciful Flowers

Spring Bulbs

Featured Foods

Swiss Chard

Nature’s Garden

Moss (coming soon!!)

Beginning the Garden

Where do we start?

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start!” – The Sound of Music, Rogers and Hammerstein


Find Out More: Beginning the Garden


Ready to Jump In?



Here are a few of the topics that everyone can learn more about. Stay tuned for even more!

Plant Picks

Each article will feature a new and different plant type that you can learn to grow and use.

Wildlife Corner

What else is growing in or visiting your garden? Some critters are harmless, while others may try to compete with you for your food. Let us learn a bit more about both!

Featured Foods

It’s not just about growing the plants, but also about enjoying the delicious fruit of your gardening labors. Features information about food crops, and some delicious recipes to try, too.



Why Junior Gardener?

Late one fall, a 12-year-old proudly showed off the late remnants of his family’s garden. There were still some plants growing, and a few fruits and vegetables left, ready for picking. The garden had been somewhat successful, but where could he turn for more information on how to grow the best garden?

We are here to fill in this void: kids and teenagers want to be gardeners, too! They should have access to information that will best help them with the gardening hobby. While some of our information will be geared toward school-age children who can read, there will be activities and fun for the whole family. We encourage parents to read to their youngest, and work with their older kids to help all aspiring Junior Gardeners grow their gardening knowledge!

Welcome, gardeners, young and old!