Junior Gardener

A New Magazine for Gardeners of All Ages!


It started as an idea to help a kid understanding gardening better. It grew with the realization that there are certainly many kids who would love to know and understand gardening better.  

Whether it’s learning about plants, foods, flowers or nature, we are here to teach children (and adults, too!) more!

While we are starting out as an online source of gardening information and tips, there are plans to transition to paper, too!

Also hoping to come soon: Email subscriptions! We hope to keep everyone up-to-date on new topics and developments.



Dr. Stef


She practices medicine by trade, but has been a lifelong lover of animals, plants, biology and gardening. Gardening is both a hobby and a way to bring more natural and healthy foods into her life, as well as a way to spend more time outside in nature.

Many of the featured plants, foods and bugs are inspired by Dr. Stefanie’s own garden discoveries and activities.

After spending more than a couple decades learning about how to grow plants and foods, Dr. Stefanie hopes to inspire readers of all ages to take up gardening as a hobby. Anyone can, with a little time and focus, start a garden of his or her own!

The Crew

More information coming soon!


Who else shares our garden space? Come back to learn more about the crew!