Weather and Climate

Where the gardens grow

No garden grows in isolation. Plants are surrounded by air, soil, humidity and sun. How do different climates and weather conditions affect our garden? And how do different plants thrive or survive in various climates?

How’s the Weather?

  • What type of climate do you live in?


  • What plants do you commonly see around you?


  • How do these plants survive when the weather changes?


  • What kinds of plants don’t survive near you? Do you know why?


  • What is “climate”, anyway?


Let’s explore how the weather and climate will affect how our garden grows.

Explore More

Climate: What is it?

From deserts to tundras to rainforests. What are the types of climates? What types of plants grow best in each of them?



Climate 101

Evergreens in the Winter

Some leaves change color and fall during cold winter months, but some trees manage to stay green all year. What’s the difference?



 Evergreens (coming soon!) 

Hardiness? What’s that?

Not every plant likes every place. Some prefer cold, while others quickly die at the first hint of frost. How do we know what plants will work in our garden?


Winter Hardiness