Welcome Back!

It’s Summer!

Summer is an active time of gardening! This year we have been collecting photographs, topics, plants, seeds and more.

All of the collecting is for your benefit! Come back and see what more we have to offer.

Still considering jumping into the gardening world? This is a great time!

Planting seeds in the mid and late summer help provide more fresh food later and later into the fall season. Crops like peas and lettuce, which do not usually like the heat of summer, will love the cooler days of fall. Many won’t even mind a little chilly frost in the mornings.

Want to try out seed starting? Directly planting in your garden bed? Container planting? Grow bags? There are so many ways you could get your garden started, or continued, even today.

We have the carrots and calendula sprouts already planted for fall. Maybe it will be peas and kale to follow? The growing season continues!


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