Seed Sources

As of February 2021, the pile of seed catalogs is building, but the online availability is already becoming limited. Many seed companies are describing limited supplies and high demand, along with delayed shipping.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Large variety of both classic and unique seeds, collected from around the country and world. Each seed has its own story of where it was collected and when.

Many varieties are organic.

February 2021: shipments delayed possibly up to 30 days

Some fun varieties we’re trying this year from Baker Creek: 

  • Pink dandelions
  • Walking stick kale

Seed Savers Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange is on a mission to protect and promote heirloom seed varieties for future generations. They maintain seed banks, and even allow citizens to help out through their Science Corps ADAPT trials program.

SSE also has varieties of plants that you may not have seen before. 

February 2021: Shipping may be delayed at least 30 days, and they are limiting the number of daily orders

Some fun varieties we’re trying from SSE this year: 

  • Birdhouse gourd
  • Sensitive plant

Native Seeds / SEARCH

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Native Seeds collects and protects heirloom seeds primarily in the Southwest. They maintain a seed bank, and they also promote access to heirloom seeds among the Native American communities. 

Orders are limited to 3 packets of any one seed variety and 30 packets total.

If you find yourself in Tucson, you can visit their store, too! That’s how I discovered this company to begin with.


Some new varieties we are going to try this year from Native Seeds:

  • Wild tepary
  • Vadito lentil

Strictly Medicinal Seeds

Source of some vegetables and herbs, as well as plants used traditionally in medicinal ways, succulents, and even some shrubs and trees. 

Strictly Medicinal offers live plants and trees, too, shipped when the weather is safest for the plants.

Seeds and plants are organically grown.

Some seeds we’re trying this year from Strictly Medicinal Seeds:

  • Pepper collection, including Aleppo, Criola Sella, Cayenne


Botanical Interests

Source of organic vegetable, fruit and flower seeds. They’re both online as well as in stores (I’ve seen them a the local Whole Foods and a local garden center). 

Lots of organic options.

February 2021: Some items out of stock online, but they shipped my order immediately.

Some seeds we’re trying this year from Botanical Interests:

  • Yellow butterfly weed
  • Dwarf sunflowers
  • Marjoram

Territorial Seed Company

This is a new company for me to try. The catalog arrived in the mail, so I figured I would try them out! They have a large variety, and you can search the site specifically for organic varieties. 

February 2021: They provide shipping updates on the website, and it appears they can get shipments out fairly quickly (within 2-3 days or so).

Varieties we will be trying this year: 

  • Golden ball turnips
  • Green arrow peas

More Seed Companies

I have yet to try out every seed company out there, but I do have more catalogs from more companies. Given the limitations with some companies, we will assume that more options are better. Here are some additional seed supply companies that might have what you’re looking for.


Another seed option:

Many seed sellers, often with small inventory but some rare and fun finds. I usually just search the site for a specific plant I’m trying to find. A couple that have had some repeat business from me:

  • Palm Beach Seed Company
  • Sacred Seed Company

Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Company

Offers fruit, vegetable and flower seeds and plants, as well as supplies.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Vegetables, herbs, flowers and tools. Many organic varieties available.



Burgess Seed & Plant Company


Prairie Moon NurserY

Offers native seeds and plants



Offers seeds both online as well as in-store at many locations. Organic varieties available.



Terroir Seeds

Heirloom, non-GMO, open-pollinated vegetable, herb and flower seeds