Wonderful Weeds

What are Weeds?

Most gardeners consider weeds to be a nuisance. They’re the plants growing where the gardener does not want them to grow.


Why do Weeds Grow?

Many plant types means biodiversity. This is healthy for an ecosystem. What many people consider to be “weeds” in their yards are still vital in providing food for insects and other small animals, keeping our overall habitat healthier.

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Can you truly hate the vast field of golden yellow in the springtime?

What benefits to dandelions have to offer?

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Queen Anne’s Lace

Also called the “wild carrot”, these plants can grow tall and spread far. 

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It even has “weed” in the name, but without them, where would the monarch butterflies have to go?

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A smaller, more discrete visitor of the yard, and one with a chance of providing a 4-leafed surprise.